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All Purpose boat cleaner by CleanBoat® US

CleanBoat® Multi-Purpose Cleaner

CleanBoat® Multi-Purpose Cleaner
CleanBoat® Multi-Purpose Cleaner
CleanBoat® Multi-Purpose Cleaner
CleanBoat® Multi-Purpose Cleaner
CleanBoat® Multi-Purpose Cleaner
CleanBoat® Multi-Purpose Cleaner

CleanBoat® Multi-Purpose Concentrated Cleaner

Cleaning Power

Cleans, removes stains, and degreases

Surface protection

Leaves surfaces protected, looking brand new and with a waterproof coating

Nautical Use

A revolutionary concentrated mono-product created for the nautical market


Professional use has proven this product’s incredible performance for the last 29 years

Safe for your surfaces and the environment

  • The 98% biodegradable, formula has turned this product into a must-have for the maintenance of your boat
  • The exceptional versatility of CLEAN BOAT Multi-Purpose Cleaner allows you to replace numerous products that take up too much storage space.
  • Spray the diluted product on a dry surface, let it sit for a few seconds and rinse with clear water
  • It leaves a waterproofing coat that protects against environmental pollution
  • The formula is alkaline-based with a basic pH; it does not alter the UV protector and is safe on wax and ceramic coatings
  • One container yields double the amount of cleaner when diluted 1:1 (50% dilution)

Real results. Real reviews From our happy customers

Clean Boat U.S. I just got my first bottle, mixed 3 parts water 1 part cleaner, I absolutely love this stuff, sprayed the entire deck and TTop let it sit for 10-15 seconds lightly scrubbed with brush and then rinse off, I've had 2 stains that would not come clean not even with a power washer and I couldn't believe my eyes they just scrubbed off like it was nothing. Very impressed

Randy W.

Tried it today for first time. 4 brown spots would not come up with starbrite nonskid cleaner. I almost forgot I just brought my new bottle of cleanboat down to the boat. I put some on the area and two swipes of the brush and the spots were gone. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't do it myself. Wow. I keep wondering what is in this stuff.

Jeff H.


I bought some and used this weekend on my boat. I diluted ounce in 6 ounces of water l a spray bottle. I sprayed on the dry surface of the boat and was simply amazed, all the other boat wash soaps are going in the trash! This stuff is amazing!

Dwight K.

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